Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cancer Detection | Cancer Diagnosis

Firstly, a device called a transducer is moved over the area to be scanned. The transducer emits sound waves are then converted into an image by a computer. This image is called an ultrasound or sonogram, and can be viewed on a monitor.

Using a breast ultrasound

A doctor may order an ultrasound for several reasons:

- To see what can cause swelling, redness or other discomfort
- To determine the nature of a breast tumor or lump found during the examination by the patient or doctor
- To assist in breast surgery, biopsy or drainage of fluid
- Research findings on mammography
- To control the growth of breast tumor
- Examine the breasts of women with dense breast mass (usually young women)

Advantages of ultrasound breast
Ultrasound tests are ideal for certain cases. Although mammography remains the best type of analysis tool, there are situations where mammography is not very effective, or perhaps dangerous. Some cases in which an ultrasound may be preferred instead of a mammogram are:

- When a woman has dense breasts (too dense to be considered on a mammogram)
- When a woman is pregnant
- When the patient should not be exposed to X-rays
- When the patient has had breast implants