Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cancer Moles Symptoms | Cancer Of Kidney Symptoms

Often, moles are harmless. But in some cases, moles may be cancerous. One such situation is to melanoma that developed from existing moles. Not everyone is alert enough to observe the symptoms of a cancerous mole on the skin. To ensure that your mole is not cancerous, his family is well - your doctor checks to determine if the mole is dangerous or not.

cancerous moles symptoms are not noticeable at all times. This is compounded by the fact that no common symptoms can definitely tell if a mole is cancerous or not. Therefore, it is essential that you observe the color, shape and size of the moon up close, so you can know immediately if they undergo special changes are cancer-like.

The following are some common symptoms cancerous moles can be summarized as the ABCD of malignant melanoma:

1. Asymmetry - when half of a mole is shaped differently from the other half
2. Irregular border - where the mole develops or irregular scalloped
3. Color varied - when the mole is more than one color.
4. Diameter - the mole has a size larger than the diameter of a pencil eraser.