Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cancer Of The Brain Symptoms | Cancer Of The Cervix Symptoms

Symptoms can be caused by a couple of different issues. A common reason is if someone has a brain tumor that is pressing against it and the prohibition of normal function. Another cause of the symptoms of brain cancer is if the brain becomes inflamed or swollen.

There are some common symptoms that can be found in most people with the disease. Constant headaches and weakness can be a sign of a problem regarding the brain. Another sign of a problem is if someone suddenly becomes very clumsy or has difficulty walking without apparent reason. This is something to watch as people tend to laugh at this symptom as a momentary lapse of balance, but it is certainly cause for concern if it is happening regularly.

There are also symptoms that are vague and that people can not immediately associated with brain cancer. Some of the specific physical symptoms of brain cancer include vision abnormalities and difficulty with speech and vomiting, unexplained, persistent, that tends to occur in the morning. A less obvious sign that has no physical impact is a change in emotional or mental capacity.