Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cancer Cell | Cancer Center

First we need to understand why the body has created a toxic environment. The human body is an incredibly smart and agile machine. Constantly adapting to our outer world, our emotions and what you feed it. An essential function of the body is the constant washing of toxins, metabolic waste, byproducts of the food we eat and dead cells. Every day, a healthy body gets rid of up to 30 billion cells, of which about 1% are cancer cells. Generally the process is quite efficient, but problems arise when there is congestion somewhere in the body. cancer cell growth is promoted when there is severe internal congestion. When congestion or blockages too serious (constipation, stress etc.) exist, residues accumulate and begin to ferment and create the most dangerous toxins to eliminate.

Another aspect of feeding the growth of cancer cells is inflammation. Research has shown that cells of cancer more local inflammation can use to create new blood vessels, the more aggressive the tumor and the greater the likelihood of spreading. So let's look at how to help clean the internal environment and starve the cancer cells.