Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Breast Cancer Symptoms And Signs | Breast Cancer Symptoms For Men

This condition is characterized by the formation of breast tumors. These are usually painless, but can be felt. In addition, at some point create a prickly sensation, but this is not very common. These lumps are usually hard and persistent after menstruation. Can be felt in the chest as well as in the armpit area.

In later stages of the tumor, the patient may feel chest pain. Pain may also be present, but the sensation can vary from mild pain to severe and constant.

A change in the size and contour of the breast is another symptom of notable breast cancer. An irregular enlargement may be signs of this condition. Nor is it strange that there is a flattening in the affected area, although no lump can be felt. Sometimes, bleeding may occur, again without a significant sign of a lump. Some victims feel they have a small area that looks like marble under the skin. In general, if you notice any area that is distinctly different, consult a physician.