Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cervical Cancer Symptoms And Signs | Cervical Cancer Symptoms

Do you know that "cervical cancer is a disease more dangerous quieter and women who can find? It is because of subtle symptoms only mimic those of other ailments. Many women simply ignore the signs that they know it is only a single ovulation pain, but there is great risk, the cancer has just appeared directly if it is complex. Cervical cancer usually shows no symptoms until the cancer is advanced and has spread. These are possible symptoms of cervical cancer that a woman may notice:

Abnormal bleeding: it is not abnormal vaginal bleeding during the month, the bleeding can be heavy or light. And changes in vaginal bleeding may indicate that it is one of the signs of cervical cancer.

unusual discharge heavy: the momentum of the vaginal discharge is one symptom of this cancer. There is a nauseating smell it and that contains watery and thick mucus that is not normal and can be observed directly.

Pelvic pain: is interrelated with the normal menstrual cycle can not be mild or severe pain that a woman can suffer. In which a woman experiences pain is so painful, dull ache of acute pain, and may be more dangerous if not associated with their menstrual period.