Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Causes Cancer | Causes For Cancer

Causes of cancer:

Cancer can be caused by factors in our environment. These factors include a large number of chemical agents such as the snuff snuff smoke, asbestos fibers, and other occupational hazards. Other causes are radiation X Ray, nuclear bombs, sunlight, injury or repeated irritation, the metal or plastic implants, failures in the body's immune system, genetic errors, and some scientists believe the virus also.

The main types of cancer:

- Lung cancer - kills more Americans than any other cancer.
- Colon Rectal Cancer - The second leading cause of death in the United States.
- Skin cancer - the main source of malignancy in the United States.
- Oral Cancer - Strikes and estimated 24,000 people a year.
- Stomach Cancer - One of the most frequently diagnosed cancer in the United States.
- Bladder cancer - Surge progressively with age and more common in men than in women.
- Prostate Cancer - One of the most common cancers among men and second only to lung cancer so deadly for men.
- Kidney cancer - is more likely to occur in young children or adults over 40 years.
Represents 5% of deaths from cancer - - Cancer of the pancreas. It affects men more often.Usually diabetic and occurs after age 40.
- Liver cancer - the result of metastasis from other parts of the body. It affects more men than women. Usually occurs after age 40.
- Brain cancer - the result of metastasis to other organs. It affects more children than adults.
- Laryngeal cancer - affects 8 times more men than women. It usually occurs around age 60.
- Thyroid cancer - is relatively uncommon. The mortality rate is 1% per 200,000 people.
- Hodgkin's Disease (lymphoma cancer) - primarily affects young adults but can occur at any age. It affects more men than women.
- Leukemia-especially lethal for children under 15 years. Acute leukemia occurs at any age. Chronic leukemia usually does not occur before age 40.