Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cancerous Moles Symptoms | Cancers Symptoms

Skin moles, known medically as nevi, are clusters of pigmented skin cells that are almost always benign. However, cancerous moles are a major health concern, if you have moles that appear on the skin surface after reaching the age of 20 years, or if you have moles that change shape, size or color, it is crucial that have them examined by a doctor or dermatologist. If you have cancerous moles, you will need to be treated immediately to avoid complications of long-term health.

How are moles?

Moles occur when a large number of skin cells are reproduced in a small area, forming one or more protruding from the skin. Because these skin cells contain a large amount of pigment, often appear darker than the surrounding skin.

Moles that are present at birth or shortly after birth are called nevi, and tend to be small and more or less symmetrical in shape. While most often black or brown, which can appear in a variety of other shades, too.