Thursday, June 2, 2011

Breast Cancer Symptoms | Breast Cancer Tests

Due to the persistence of the negative effects of cancer cells in the immunity of body cells, relapse should not be regarded as an anomaly. body cells remain susceptible to a relapse of cancer infection, even after a recovery period. The most common time frame to prevent recurrence is three to five years after the first medication.

When diagnosed early, the most common cancer including breast cancer can be treated successfully. Early detection is required for diagnosis and treatment. Early treatment is necessary to prevent spreading or further pathological development of cancer. Nuclear medicine can be combined with antibiotics for the treatment of cancer cells.

It is shocking, but unfortunately many women who have suffered and been treated for breast cancer since they do not recognize these early warning signs of recurrence after some time has elapsed. It is therefore important to prevent recurrence of breast cancer, women need to be alert to these indicators suggest that breast cancer. The second occurrence of breast cancer tends to be more damaging than the first appearance of the disease.

If you find unusual hardening of fatty tissue in the chest, is a cause for alarm. If this tissue is hardened in the same breast that was given before radiation treatment, which means breast cancer recurrence. In this case, you must hurry and see the oncologist who had to deal with in the past.

An oncologist from time to time may be recommended after breast cancer has been diagnosed to undergo a selection test in order to eliminate the possibility of recurrence of breast cancer. A mammogram and physical exam by a gynecologist often part of the evidence.