Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bowel Cancer Prognosis | Bowel Cancer Symptoms

Early detection of this cancer is difficult to diagnose because the symptoms associated with it are similar to those occurring in the case of routine abdominal ailments, such as irritable bowel or diarrhea. Bowel cancer or colon cancer is cancer that affects the large intestine or colon and rectum in humans, however, the human body gives some indication when something is wrong. Same is the case here.

When there is trouble of any kind, note the following:

Blood in the stool - this is a sure shot indicator to be something wrong inside. Clearly arises in the stomach and intestinal tract right up the rectum. associated indicators may be rectal bleeding (which can be interpreted as a consequence of Piles), or stool to be red. It can also indicate the early stage of cancer.
Diarrhea - leniency Eating wrong and unhygienic foods usually cause diarrhea. mechanisms, however, has incorporated the human body to get rid of the infection medications. If the infection shows no signs of abating, even after three weeks, has to be investigated by a doctor for more serious cause.
* Change in bowel habit persistent -? An increase in stool frequency, stool with more flexible for long life. More important is the pursuit of pus and blood in the stool. Feces can also display thin stools instead of normal size.
* Constipation - Because cancer cells continue to grow, tend to start to block the intestine. Will result in persistent pain in the abdomen. This may be accompanied by vomiting and a bloated feeling in the navel area.