Thursday, June 2, 2011

Breast Cancer Association | Breast Cancer Awareness

Similarly, if your body temperature is too low, you will suffer hypothermia. Body temperature must be maintained within a fairly narrow range. If your temperature is too high, which also suffer adverse effects. Drinking too much water and suffer differently.

Similarly, if you consume too much alcohol, without prejudice to their ears to sound too much or expose their eyes to the glare of an arc welder, which is in serious trouble. Without exception, all of which emphasizes the body and mind is anomaly of some sort. Drivers need to sleep are more prone to accidents. mountain climbers need supplemental oxygen.

Do you see a pattern in these abnormal body? Some of these abnormalities are called diseases. Scurvy is a disease that results from the lack of ... Rickets is a disease caused by a lack of ...

Every time your body is subjected to abnormal conditions rebels. As your emotional signs of pleasure, joy or love, in contrast to pain, anger or emotional trauma that means that something needs attention, so wrong, be served notice that your body wants to return to a state of normal.

Now what if you were to study the conditions of the body of patients with breast cancer? Whatever the conditions clearly found to be compatible with the existence of cancer cells.

Is it a reasonable conclusion? Think about that. If the conditions of the body in particular did not adhere to cancer cells would surely die. Consider the examples above. Hypothermia is cured by restoring the body temperature to normal. Acute pain disappears when it stops hearing from excessive noise. Climbers do not need supplemental oxygen when they return to normal levels of oxygen at lower altitudes.