Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stage 4 Cancer Life Expectancy | Stage 4 Cancer Survival Rate

When people spoke of stage 4 lung cancer survival rates, it is impossible to predict how long a particular person will live with their cancer. The statistics apply only to averages, which consists of living longer and living more quickly.

Some have stage 4 inoperable lung cancer. Less than 5 in 100 people (less than 5%) diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer cells do not live for at least 5 years. My guess is maybe just a year with palliative chemotherapy.

chemotherapy treatments have not traveled some of the tumors of patients and have grown some, but lifestyle and dietary changes along with a huge positive, some are still surviving, some are still living with her until many years.

Some cure your cancer stage 4 with the consumption of chilies, garlic and fish oil. Some patients who were using evening primrose oil instead of fish oil. Maybe you could try something that does not make a patient during treatment with the recommended food intake.