Sunday, June 12, 2011

Enlarged Prostate Symptoms | Advanced Prostate Cancer Symptoms

Before considering the symptoms, this is important to keep in mind:

One of the really insidious things about prostate cancer is that sometimes, in its early stages, it does not show any symptoms at all.

Sounds strange, but any of us can have it and not know it.

Therefore it is very important to get checked regularly - especially if prostate cancer in your family.

Now, that said, here are the symptoms of prostate cancer a few to consider:

1. Difficulty urinating - either you go, sometimes without control or simply can not get your stream started at all for several minutes

2. A weak flow of urine - when it finally started, the pee just drips out like a hose that is partially clogged

3. You see blood in the urine - which is never a good thing, and should not be ignored

4. You find blood in semen - again, when you see blood coming out of your body (and you are a man) is something definitely wrong, do not put off getting checked out

5. Swelling of the legs - this is one of the symptoms that you can not even think it has nothing to do with the prostate, but may

6. Bone pain - other "hidden" most people symptoms are not associated with prostate cancer.