Monday, June 6, 2011

Cancer Symptoms In Women | Cancer Symptoms Of

Often they become aware of the importance of regular periodic reviews of the breasts for lumps that may be symptoms of breast cancer, but how often do we hear about other equally important signs can also be symptoms of cancer ? Yes, and should be an important part of these periodic examinations of the breasts regularly as packages for those who seek and expect not to find.

The first is when your chest feels unusually warm or hot to the touch. This may well be a sign of what's called inflammatory breast cancer. While this is a rare type of cancer, are still occurring and is known to be a very aggressive type of cancer so it is important to be aware of their symptoms and act immediately if there appears to be possible signs of it.

The second signal is not often we here of when a normal looking nipple that suddenly becomes an unusual aspect is another sign of possible cancer. If a nipple becomes flat, inverted or distorted in some way is important to review it immediately.

The third sign is what I call the super itchy. Again, this is something that should be evaluated immediately. A breast or nipple is itchy again a sign little known but very real of a possible cancer.

Fourth, the skin of the breast and around the breast takes on, for lack of a better term, the dimpled appearance, looking like a piece of skin of an orange.

Fifth, a swollen breast constantly. Many women look to increased breast size as a blessing. This is not necessarily so. If the size of a breast augmentation, there must be a reason and it is important to check if this reason is cancer.