Friday, May 20, 2011

Bc Cancer | Bcg Bladder Cancer

In September 2004, my doctor found a lump. After several ultrasounds and mammograms, concerns beyond my old enough to require a biopsy. At 26 years old, was not a likely candidate for a mammogram, let alone an open surgical biopsy.

The package turned out to be many, but to my relief, fluid-filled cysts were mostly simple. However, it was because of the cysts that something of interest was discovered. The radiologist had seen several micro-calcifications which were presented as small white spots on my exams.

In February 2005, a fine wire biopsy was performed on the location and a section was removed from the size of a stack of 6 toonie (a toonie is a Canadian two dollar coin). It was reviewed by the pathologist in Nanaimo and the diagnosis was clear, so that the sheets were sent to a specialist at the BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver for consultation. According to his review, which was "a difficult case." A month after the procedure, although I had not seen the report, I said it was not "cancer", but should continue screening every 6 months to make sure nothing has changed.