Friday, May 20, 2011

Adenocarcinoma Cancer | Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer

Adenocarcinoma of colon cancer is usually found in people who have an inheritance of adenomatous polyposis or colorectal cancer, polyposis, especially if family history is of first-degree relatives. Hereditary factors may be the point where the colon adenocarcinoma can be found in people as young as teenagers. Some types of polyps have a malignant potential. People who have a diet high in fiber but low in fat, especially with a high consumption of red meat are the ones most likely to have adenocarcinoma. Although obesity is a cause of adenocarcinoma of colon.

Adenocarcinoma of colon cancer is known to spread after invading the gut wall. On crossing the muscular layer of the intestinal wall the tumor enters the lymphatic vessels and then spreads to local lymph nodes and regional. Sometimes the tumor can spread through the bloodstream to the liver, and even other organs including the lungs, bones and even the brain. If much of the tumor has gone from the intestinal wall and then floating on the abdomen as small amounts of liquid and seeds may meet the bowels. Colon adenocarcinoma is known to produce small nodules in the abdomen to irritate the tissues to cause the production of large amounts of ascites. If colon adenocarcinoma is detected in a young stage, then the prognosis may be very good as in the early stages of treatment through surgery is an easy and predictable.