Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stage 4 Cancer | Stage 4 Cancer Prognosis

40 percent of people who have been diagnosed to have malignant tumors in the lungs as a result of stage 4 lung cancer. This is one of the most terrible news for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. A person can be devastated if he knew he had a terminal disease that has a life expectancy of 8 months to a year and a survival rate of lung cancer is less than 5 percent chance of survival.

Stage 4 lung cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in today's world everything. possibility of life expectancy and even cure is affected by a number of variables. When you're in the last stage of cancer, treatments and procedures are not the only things that can help the patient. Sometimes, patients tend not to properly respond to treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation that your body is limited to tolerate the treatments were given.

Complications and health conditions such as emphysema and blood clots in the lungs may reduce lung cancer survival rate, even below 5 percent. Age is a huge contribution to their own ability to survive, and this is due to strong natural defense of a young man later stage. Women also have a better survival rate when it comes to lung cancer than men.