Friday, June 17, 2011

Dogs Cancer Symptoms | Dogs With Cancer Symptoms

The dog cancer symptoms of brain cancer:

Brain cancer or meningioma is a tumor of cells that forms in different parts of the brain that can go from the base of the spine of any part of the brain. Mutated cells turn to cancer and continue to grow without treatment.

This type of cancer is always evil, and means that will always grow in the brain until the dog dies of cancer or pressure in the brain that causes aneurysms. Know and look for the symptoms to keep to a minimum the suffering of his best friend.

Symptoms of brain cancer in dogs are stress and aggression, shyness and depression or personality changes. You can also see lethargy, lameness and changes in appetite and nosebleeds, heart problems and coordination problems. Muscle spasms and problems with facial or eye can also be seen. The first symptoms to your vet recalled include changes in appetite, weight loss or personality differences.

As the cancer progresses, more changes and is usually extremely weak muscles. Because the brain is the center for the body, when a small portion is concerned, that can wipe out many other functions in the body like the heart and lungs or the immune system and liver. Brain cancer can be easily mass branched secondary cancer elsewhere in the body. Symptoms are usually determined by the location of brain cancer found in the brain.