Friday, May 27, 2011

Symptoms Of Cancer | Symptoms Of Cancer In Dogs

Change in bowel function or bladder
- There is a defect in the flow and the flow of urine or the color and quantity. The stool color and size changes. Blood in the stool is also occur and there complicatedness in urination and defecation.

Bleeding or discharge that is unusual
- Some of the cancer may have these symptoms, such as lung cancer is not a gift of blood in the phlegm or sputum. The presence of unusual vaginal bleeding if cervical cancer is present or cancer of the lining of the uterus. abnormal discharges can be seen and produced in great development and early cancer. Colon or rectal cancer can be a sign of blood in the stool or feces may be a black or dark colored. In kidney cancer or bladder cancer of the blood in the urine can be a sign.

Wart or mole are obviously changing
- Warts and moles may have changes in their size (dimension), the color and shape or form. Doctors usually seen as a change or loss of its sharp edge. Besides alteration in the skin that can see you should inform the doctor immediately. Probably some skin alterations or changes may be a melanoma that you concentrate if detected early.
Sore that does not heal
- Bleeding may be present in skin cancer and look similar to the pain that will not heal. Sores in the mouth that is in the long-term or long duration may be a symptom of oral cancer.
Thickening or swelling in the chest and other body parts are present
- Many cancers can be felt throughout the skin. Unusual lumps, swelling or thickening must be examined closely because skin and underlying tissues normally should be smooth.