Thursday, May 19, 2011

0varian Cancer Symptoms | Abdominal Cancer Symptoms

What is the truth behind the rates of ovarian cancer survival? Well, if you were to write "the truth behind the rates of ovarian cancer survival" in a search engine, you may be upset by the type of information found. This is because most of the sites dedicated to telling the truth behind the survival rates of ovarian cancer tend to do it from a negative angle. For example, in the United States only 50 percent of women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer will live beyond five years. And this statistic does not offer any official hope that the disease will remain in remission beyond five years.

So, is it really the truth behind the rates of ovarian cancer survival? Yes and no. What many sites do not tell you is that ovarian cancer rates of survival are much more positive for women who have had their disease is diagnosed early. In fact, for 25 percent of women who are in this category, the survival rate for ovarian cancer is a staggering 90 percent. However, most sites will not talk about this because most women are diagnosed at later stages of disease stages in which the disease has progressed too much for the long-term survival.

How can a woman increase her chances of being part of the 25 percent who get diagnosed early? This is a very difficult question to answer. For some women who wait until the symptoms of ovarian cancer onset could be enough to get an early diagnosis. But there is a problem with this strategy. First, most of the symptoms associated with ovarian cancer are not drastic. Incontinence, abdominal swelling and pain sex, the three main symptoms of the disease may be easily confused with less serious conditions. And even if she suspects they are signs of ovarian cancer, it is possible that the condition has yet progressed to a point that has become lethal. This is because the symptoms are the same whether the tumors are large or small.